A Letter to the Mind

Dear Mind, I have found you. You can come out now. You can stop hiding behind your thoughts and blaming someone else for them. There’s no point in this secrecy. I must say, you did an outstanding job! I could almost never dissociate from you. You were excellent in making me feel so comfortable that... Continue Reading →


Do I need or do I want it?

Walking through the aisle of your “favourite” (synonym for cheaper) clothing store and finding your favourite piece of garment on clearance is one of the most delightful things in the world. It's only $10, yayyy!!! When I first came to Australia, it was such a big hassle to find out what items should I buy,... Continue Reading →

Ending Chapters

End of a chapter, Closing doors, Completing cycles. You can name it anything you want but this transition of something ending and a start to something new is almost always very difficult.  And the funnily sad part is, the temptation and attraction of new things becomes irrelevant. But why is it that we tend to... Continue Reading →

Just Like an Angel – 1

An orange hue bestrewed the skyline, adding one more beautiful but lonely evening to her life. Melbourne looked stunningly beautiful at sundown. The traffic lights looked like small stars traveling in opposite directions. She gazed outside the large glass window. She had fallen in love. Seven years ago. But like any other dejected lover, the... Continue Reading →

The Story Begins…

Here's presenting a tale of a woman in love! This story will be unfolded in a series of posts titled Just Like an Angel (1, 2, 3...). I would love to give a precis of it. The story is of a young woman who fell in love, a love that made her rise in her life.... Continue Reading →

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